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Embark on a journey with five unlikely heroes!

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Bored with their online learning during the pandemic,

these kids crave excitement. To their surprise, their parents give them mysterious diaries, each possessing unique magical powers! 

However, they soon realize that the diaries are acting strangely 

and calling for help! As school resumes in a physical setting, 

things become even more strange and unusual.

Is it just their imagination 

or something more?


Rose, Indigo, Fern, Benson, and Tyler!

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Meet Sid Fox

As a toddler, I began my artist's journey by painting the flowers in my mother’s garden. Over time, I started drawing daily and creating characters and stories for them. Foxy, my first character, was born from a pen I used so much that it had cracks. As I continued to create more characters and stories, my passion for art grew beyond just a hobby. 

Art is a constantly evolving journey, much like how a chef cooks gourmet dishes or an auto mechanic tinkers with a car. It is a visual representation of one's experiences, which has motivated me to pursue art as a career. During a conversation with an elementary school teacher, we realized there were not many engaging books portraying neurodivergent children, particularly those with ADHD. This inspired me to create the adventurous graphic novel “A Diary Has Dreams,” in which the main characters support each other. My goal is to help children with ADHD feel less alone in their struggles by reading this story. I believe that representation is crucial in childhood development, and I hope my book can help children feel seen and heard. If I can make just one person happy, that would be more than enough.


A Diary Has Dreams is a passion project I plan to turn into a series of books. May my work encourage future storytellers to bring their visual voices to life and express their own experiences. 


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Author's name and logo
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A Diary Has Dreams © Sid Fox 2024

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